Thursday, October 8

Patrick Swayze’s mourners met by a horse

Mourners at a private memorial for Patrick Swayze last Sunday were greeted by a white Arabian horse which was one of the Dirty Dancing star's personal favourites from his horse farm.  The same horse was present when Patrick and Lisa renewed their marriage vows as the actor rode it to the ceremony.

It was saddled and was carrying Patrick’s cowboy boots facing backward in the stirrups as a tribute to the horse-loving late actor. Apparently it is an old tradition.

Several hundred mourners, including Whoopi Goldberg, arrived at the Sony Studios in California, to celebrate the life of Patrick at a service organised by his wife Lisa Niemi. The ceremony included a video tribute, speeches, photographs of the actor and dance routines.

It is expected that Patrick’s wife will eventually scatter his remains at their New Mexico ranch where they spent so many happy times.

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