Monday, October 12

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice

Is currently previewing and opens at the Vaudeville Theatre on 20th October (booking to 30th  January, 2010).  It is adapted from the  film “The Rise and Fall of Little Voice” which starred Michael Caine and Jane Horrocks – who is currently appearing in Annie Get your Gun and for who Jim Cartwright originally wrote the role.

The Rise and Fall of Little Voice is a very black musical comedy about the painfully shy Little Voice (LV) which is played by Diana Vickers (of X Factor fame). She lives in Scarborough with her drunken, overbearing mother and spends all her time in the bedroom listening to her dead father’s old records.

By doing this she learns to sing like some of the greatest divas: including Judy Garland, Edith Piaf and Shirley Bassey. When her mother’s boyfriend (who manages third rate club acts) overhears her singing he pushes her towards the stardom she is so terrified of and unleashes some devastating events.

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