Sunday, October 25

Why is Pammy doing Panto?

If you were wondering why Ms Anderson is appearing from a lamp in Aladdin this Christmas then wonder no more as she is millions of dollars in debt following renovations to her home in Malibu which is not yet finished.

At the moment she is living in a trailer park with her boyfriend while being sued by a number of construction companies over unpaid bills. Pammy is blaming the recession and some poor investments adding "I'm a little girl with two kids - how could you screw me?"

Apparently she cries every time she visits the house sad says: "I'm going to sell it. I hate it. People commit suicide over constructions. Relationships break down over constructions and I can see why. It rips your heart out."

Maybe she should cut down a bit – after all is gold and platinum tiling really necessary?

She has a number of money raising projects in the UK including a show called  Pamela Anderson : At Home with Joe, the Christmas panto Aladdin and also a reality show is in the pipeline.

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