Sunday, November 29

Great new autobiography by Sheila Hancock

Sheila Hancock is currently appearing as Mother Superior in the musical Sister Act at the London Palladium, but she is also an author and her book “Time And Place” has just been published.

She is the widow of the lovely actor John Thaw, and a very glam 76 year old. In the book she tells how she spent her early years before the war in the Carpenter’s Arms in King’s Cross Road. This is where she developed a taste for entertaining by sneaking into the bar to entertain the older lady customers by playing all the parts in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The Salvation Army were regular visitors to the area and she would join in with them and sing and dance

It says a lot about her family and upbringing that her dad was running a bar in the 1970s and doing high kicks when he had a coronary and died!

Time and Place by Sheila Hancock is out now and published Bloomsbury @ £7.99

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