Friday, December 18

Ray Davies's Kinks “Come Dancing” musical tour cancelled

Ray Davis from the Kinks was apparently so happy with the story, book, music and lyrics for his “Come Dancing” musical tour that he cast himself as the star.

But now it has all been cancelled and the theatres to which the show (which was being produced by Bill Kenwright) was due to tour are now offering refund.

The cancellation comes just days after it was announced that the story of The Kinks was to be turned into a film, highlighting the rivalry between Davies and his younger brother Dave.  The group has a number of hits including Waterloo Sunset and You Really Got Me, but the brothers had a notoriously difficult relationship often fighting on stage.  Rumour has it that Ray actually once stabbed Dave with a fork while they were in a restaurant!

They were briefly reunited in 2004 when Ray was shot by a mugger and Dave suffered a stroke and they moved in together to convalesce which again proved to be an impossible time for them.

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