Saturday, January 2

Jihad! the Musical

Jihad! The Musical plays at the Jermyn Street Theatre in Piccadilly from 8th January to 6th February 2010.

The show satirises stereotyping, fear-mongering, and media cynicism of the “war on terror” by following an innocent young boy from the streets of Jalalabad to the West. Targeted by an American reporter looking to create a "TV ready terrorist" he finds himself in a sleeper cell run by a flamboyantly inept cast of characters. Sparks fly and romance blooms with singing camels and dancing girls.

Jihad! the Musical sends up ethnic stereotypes, politics, big business and the love affair between terrorism and the media. The show features songs including Axis of Freedom, Building a Bomb Today, I Wanna Be Like Osama, Marvellous, Marvellous France and Scary Mary.

The cast includes Delroy Atkinson, Tara Carrozza, Richard David-Caine, Yannick Fernandes, Gina Murray and Sorab Wadia.

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