Tuesday, February 23

Technical problem at first preview of Love Never Dies

The reason the large musicals always enter into a period of previews before the all too important opening night was clearly illustrated by the first preview of the of Phantom of the Opera sequel Love Never Dies.

The musical came to a grinding halt within the first five minutes when there was a problem with the stage revolve at the Adelphi Theatre. Andrew Lloyd Webber quickly ran up the stalls aisle to stop the show while the problem was fixed. The audience was asked to remain in their seats and director Jack O'Brien went on stage and told them that all would be well. The show started up again with Liz Robertson continuing with the opening scene.

There were a few tiny problems with the trapeze artists but leading lady Sierra Boggess who had been ill and missed dress run was in top form.  As was Ramin Karimloo who certainly delivered.

The audience gave the show a standing ovation and Andrew Lloyd Webber said “It's halfway there” with the usual tweaking and tightening up needing to be done.  You only have to witness the reaction from the departing audience to see that it’s going to be another great hit for the composer, which he deserves with his great passion for musical theatre and his desire for perfectionism

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