Friday, March 19

Michael Ball to Star in Shrek the Musical?

Apparently Michael Ball is discussing playing the title role in the musical Shrek which is expected in London’s West End next year. If  he and the producers can strike a deal (he will be asking for something in the range of £40,000 to £50,000 a week)  then they will have a major draw as Ball puts bums on seats as displayed with Hairspray. After he left that show ticket sales dropped dramatically.

Shrek the Musical has a short run on Broadway, but the producers have always believed it would do better here as the movies and DVDs are very popular in the UK. The NY production had some incredible illusions and fantastic costumes but not one memorable song.  The book has now been re-written with new music.

Michael Ball is meant to be appearing in Sweeney Todd with Imelda Staunton at Chichester next year so Shrek might not be possible for him.  But there are rumours that Sweeney might not happen anyway.

The Shrek producers, which include Sam Mendes for Neal Street Productions, have yet to find a venue.  They have already looked at the London Palladium but it won’t be available. They have also been to the Palace Theatre which might now be free next year as the musical version of the film Ghost rumoured to be going in there is having problems with the book and score.

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