Sunday, April 25

Cat Lover Lloyd Webber Auditions Potential Totos

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a committed cat lover keeping Turkish van cats which are unusual in that they swim and have a love for water.

But the lord has confessed he “rather enjoyed” choosing the dogs that are competing to play Toto at a one-off West End charity gala performance of The Wizard of Oz.

He reluctantly gave in to the BBC's appeals for him to include a search for Toto in his reality TV show Over The Rainbow where he is searching for a Dorothy to star in his new musical.

He had to choose five dogs after ten hopefuls and their owners visited his home in Hampshire.  The ten were selected after the BBC held open auditions led by Jodie Prenger earlier this month and more than 1,000 pets took part.

Lord Lloyd-Webber said: “It hasn't been an easy decision for me, selecting the final five, but I was particularly drawn to the dogs I have chosen. Each of them could be a Toto in their own way. However, as adorable as they are, I remain a confirmed cat man.

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