Monday, April 19

Dances With Wolves - the musical

American Producer Matt Murphy is currently involved in the new Broadway musical 'Memphis' at the Shubert Theatre. He was a producer of the Tony-nominated production of 'Thurgood' starring Laurence Fishburne, and Michael Jacobs’ 'Impressionism' starring Joan Allen and Jeremy Irons. He has now acquired the stage rights to Michael Blake’s 1986 best-selling novel Dances with Wolves which he intends to adapt into a dramatic musical for the Broadway stage.

Blake’s novel was made into a film in 1990 which was directed by and starred Kevin Costner. It was a worldwide blockbuster winning seven Oscars.

“Dances with Wolves will be a uniquely spectacular and dramatic new musical,” says Murphy. “I envision a score that is inspired by Appalachian, folk, Civil War era, and Native American music, coupled with a production design that celebrates the spirit and ceremony of Native American culture amidst the awe-inspiring landscape of the American frontier. I am seeking a creative team who can make the epic story of Dances with Wolves sing for a new medium and a new generation of audiences.”

The novel tells the story of a Lieutenant sent to a remote frontier outpost in the wilderness of Dakota Territory during the American Civil War. He is eventually accepted into the local Sioux tribe where he falls in love with a white woman who was raised by them. This all forces him into a decision about his future that will not only affect him, but the lives of the Sioux tribe who know him only as Dances with Wolves.

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