Sunday, April 18

Soapdish is New Stiles & Drewe Musical

Gavin Creel (from Hair) and Sally Ann Triplett have been involved in a workshop earlier this month for George Stiles and Anthony Drewe who are currently working on a new musical comedy based on the 1991 film Soap Dish starring Sally Anne Field, Robert Downey Jr and Kevin Kline.

It’s about the behind-the-scenes lives of several soap opera actors. Celeste Talbert is the star of the declining show and she is furious when her rival Montana Moorehead tried to persuade the producer (who is totally smitten with her) to write her out of the show.

The producer decides to bring Talbert's hated ex-lover back onto the series, with the hope of driving the fragile star to an early retirement. The fact that Anderson's character was decapitated in an episode which was shown over 20 years ago is seen as a difficult, but not insurmountable, obstacle.

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