Wednesday, May 12

Five Guys Named Moe at Edinburgh

The fabulous Clarke Peters will star in a revival of his musical Five Guys Named Moe at this year's Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  I first saw it in 1990 when Cameron Mackintosh presented it at the Lyric Theatre in London’s West End where it ran for over four years and won an Olivier Award as well as becoming a hit on Broadway.

It is playing in Edinburgh at the McEwan Hall on Underbelly's Pasture from 4th to 29th August with the revival marking the 20th anniversary of the production.

The show features hit songs from Jazz legend Louis Jordan including Early In The Morning, Choo, Choo, Ch'Boogie,  Don't Let the Sun Catch You Crying, Is You Is or Is You Ain't Ma' Baby  and Saturday Night Fish Fry.

The production will be directed by Paulette Randall, with choreography by one of the original cast members and Olivier nominee Paul J Medford.

If it’s well received at the Festival, Five Guys Named Moe must be ripe for a transfer into the West End over the Christmas period.

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Musicals in London said...

Clarke Peters was great in the wire, would be amazing to see him on stage. Sadly I just came back from a weekend at Edinburgh so will not be at the fringe. Hopefully it will come to the westend at Christmas as you say!

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