Sunday, May 2

No Maternity Leave for Denise Van Outen

Clearly Denise Van Outen and Lee Mead are hoping to take the birth of baby Betsy yesterday in their stride as Lee is about to join the cast of Wicked at the Apollo Victoria Theatre and also embark on a short concert tour.

Denise is taking two weeks off before she starts planning the launch of her range of maternity clothes and will also be doing some TV presenting.

Lee will be at home during the day (except on matinee days) so Betsy can be looked after by her parents most of the time which works out perfectly. Lee's contract with Wicked is for nine months and then Denise has got a big West End show lined up for next year which involves tap dancing.

As for having more children, Denise is adamant that she wants a little break first.

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