Saturday, May 22

Right Toto but wrong Dorothy in Over the Rainbow

Having just watched part 1 of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Over The Rainbow castfest on BBC1, I am delighted that Jodie Prenger led Dangerous Dave (him with the eyebrows and jaunty scarf) on to announce that he is the winner of the part of Toto for a charity gala of the show, but how on earth did Lauren Samuels (pictured) get voted off as Dorothy?!

Her rendition of "I Could Have Danced All night" was flawless - maybe she's too good? I would be amazed if the Lord doesn't cast her in one of his West End shows in the pretty near future.

In any event, Andrew Lloyd Webber has plenty of time to knock the winner into shape with The Wizard of Oz not scheduled to open at the London Palladium until next March.

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