Tuesday, June 8

Tweaks to Love Never Dies

If you are planning a second visit to Love Never Dies in the not too distant future you may notice that some subtle changes have been made since it opened back in the spring.

Perfectionist Andrew Lloyd Webber has recently tweaked several scenes to bring the show closer to his original vision with the Meg Giry (played by Summer Strallen) big Bathing Beauty number being expanded.  There is also more emphasis on the prologue when the Phantom is now fleetingly visible on stage with a stick and an orb of fire (reminiscent of the grave yard scene in the original Phantom of the Opera).

The Coney Island Waltz now moves straight on to Meg Giry welcoming the visitors to Phantasma (omitting Heaven By The Sea and the three showgirls talking before their performance). The welcome is much bigger with new orchestrations and a massive new dance number providing more of an entrance for Meg.

There are also subtle amendments to the artwork of the show's posters, the Phantom: Love Never Dies wording is now more prominent.

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