Tuesday, July 27

New Chas and Dave Musical heading for West End

A new musical called Stop Dreamin’ which is based on the hits of the cockney duo Chas and Dave is heading for London's West End in February 2011.

Ray Cooney (Run For Your Wife, Charlie Girl, Move Over Mrs Markham, Not Now,  Darling and other shows too numerous to mention) has written their songs into a story set in London in the 1960s based on the life of his mother and father.

The show will feature songs including Rabbit and Ain't No Pleasing and casting to date includes Cliff Parisi (Minty from EastEnders), Vicki Michelle ('Allo 'Allo) and Trevor Bannister from Are You Being Served?

Chas and Dave were the creators and performers of a musical style labelled "rockney", which mixes "pub sing-along, music-hall humour, boogie-woogie piano and pre-Beatles rock 'n' roll".  They had a number of British chart hits, with "Gertcha" being their major breakthrough in 1979 and being the first of eight top 40 hit singles and nine best-selling albums.

They officially split up in September 2009, but are shortly to reunite for a brief tour.

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