Wednesday, August 11

Dorothy finalist Jessica covering for Steph Fearon at Smokey Joe's

The Dorothys from Over the Rainbow still seem to be supporting one another.

As well as Sophie Evans covering for Danielle Hope's holidays in the Wizard of Oz and performing the part of Dorothy on Tuesday evenings, Over The Rainbow finalist Jessica Robinson (pictured) will take over from Steph  Fearon in Smokey Joe's Cafe for three nights from 20th to 22nd August 2010 while she has an  operation on her wrist.

Jessica Robinson was the quirky Dorothy who missed out on a semi final place, but starts at the Arts Educational School this autumn with a place supported by Lord Lloyd-Webber.

Smokey Joe's Cafe is playing at the Landor Theatre and has extended its run by a month and will now finish on 5th September. Melanie La Barrie  recently replaced Kym Mazelle who had to leave due to work commitments in the US.

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