Wednesday, August 25

Harold Prince to Restage Paradise Found?

Harold Prince would like to restage Paradise Found, the Arabian Nights-style musical he co-directed with Susan Stroman at London's  Menier Chocolate Factory earlier this year.

Prince is quoted as saying “We did it in London in a theatre that’s too small for it, and it really impeded my, if I will allow myself the word, vision and the author’s. But again, the only people who were willing to put money into it were willing to do it only in a small theatre. The material is great. But it should be big … Now I have to do it and do it somewhere where there’s a large chorus.

We had wonderful actors [in London], but everyone was doubling and tripling. We had Shuler Hensley and Mandy Patinkin and Judy Kaye and Kate Baldwin, just an extraordinary cast, but they were doing chorus work, as well. That’s not what the material demands, so now I have to do it that way. In fact, I’m meeting with the authors the week after next, and we’re going to aim for i

The London production was much anticipated and warmly received but the critics gave very negative reviews.

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