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Legacy Falls “Soap Musical” at New Players Theatre

Legacy Falls is described as a musical and also “a play within a play, soap opera and comedy with some great music with comical  lyrics full of romance, hair-pulling cat-fights, hiring’s and firings, sex scandals, tantrums, deaths and a slightly unrealistic earthquake”.

It is playing at the New Players Theatre in the Arches in Villiers Street from 29th October- 20th November with previews starting 27th October.

Legacy Falls is an expose of all the bitchiness and back-stabbing behind the scenes and in front of the camera on a fictional American daytime soap opera. The main character is gay but can’t admit it with a gay romance as the central theme. There is also a boy-meets-girl sub-plot which reaches an unexpected conclusion.

The cast bringing these characters to life are Amy Anzel, Aimie Atkinson, Ezra Axelrod, Rosalind Blessed, Davis Brooks, Joanne Heywood, Tara Hugo, Mark Inscoe, Tim Oxbrow, Stephen von Screiber, Bart Williams and  Pippa Winslow.

Brixton-based, Bahamas-born Ian Poitier is bringing the show into London. It has been written by James Burn, former Assistant Musical Director of Disney’s “The Lion King” at the Mogador Theatre in Paris. The co-producer is  Danielle Tarento  who co-founded the  Menier Chocolate Factory in 2004 . Her current projects include Smokey Joe's Café at the Landor Theatre, and Frances Ruffelle: Beneath The Dress.

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Anonymous said...

Press Release
26 October 2010

The New Musical that Dishes the Dirt on Soap

Interview with Ian Poitiers on role as Choreographer as well as Director for new musical Legacy Falls.

Has dance always been part of your creative work in the theatre?

Yes trained in musical theatre dance is my first love if I had a different body I would have been a contemporary dancer. I was accepted at London Contemporary Dance School – but I did not pass the medical. So chose musical theatre

Is this the first show for which you have been both choreographer and director, and, if not, for which other shows have you worked in this capacity?

Quite a few joint – Blues in the Night, Lion in the Street (nominated for Olivier), Cabaret – many.

Does the music and storyline of Legacy Falls lend itself to choreography?

Absolutely – its not choreographed in the sense of big musical dance but rather musical staging like a book musical. When musical theatre became integrated with Oklahoma in 50’s the idea arose that songs, dance and action should all contribute rather than have a play that stops and starts at the musical. Since then either one of those elements have tended to come to the fore in the telling of the story. So in 80’s 90’s 00’s it was music but in CATS it was dance. Challenge for LF choreographically is to ensure that the characters are in the right place to be able to physicalise their acting intentions rather than do big dance numbers. Paul Kitson has handled lot of the detailed staging work – he comes from a more traditional dance background, and it has been a very successful partnership.

For the full interview visit

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Good luck with the show and first preview tonight

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