Wednesday, September 29

News on Betty Blue Eyes

According to Anthony Drewe (of Stiles & Drewe) their new musical Betty Blue Eyes (which is based on Alan Bennett's A Private Function) will have an "animatronic pig" on stage instead of a live one (which would be fraught with danger!). It will work in the way the dinosaurs did in Walking in Dinosaurs.  They were very realistic and if the pig is anything like their quality it will seem like it's real.

Seems like Reece Shearsmith and Sarah Lancashire are definitely signed up with Anne Emery (Grandma in Billy Elliot) and Andy Mace (Dad/Winthrop/Reporter in Legally Blonde) leaving their respective shows to start rehearsals in January for the production to open at the Novello Theatre in the early Spring next year.

This news is still "unofficial" and should be treated as such until the confirmation announcement is made by the producers, as we all know how quickly things can change in musical theatre!

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