Friday, October 15

Flashdance Crackles

Scanning just a few reviews this morning I must say I agree with the critics about the opening night of Flashdance the Musical at the Shaftebsury.  It’s not a film or musical that I particularly like so was not looking forward to it and had heard some pretty negative rumblings about the previews.

But I was bowled over. To quote the old cliché “a star is born” with Victoria Hamilton-Barritt playing the lead Alex superbly with incredibly high energy, great dancing and a belting voice.

And Alex’s love interest Nick who is played by ex-Busted member Matt Willis gave a pretty good account of himself as well.  This was his West End debut so another couple of weeks into the show I reckon he’ll be really great in the part.

The production was choreographed by Arlene Phillips at her very best with some really mind blowing, muscle stretching routines.  She’s a hard taskmaster and perfectionist and should be feeling very pleased as she has certainly got the best out of her dancers in this show.  She never stops as goes into pre-production next week for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new musical the Wizard of Oz which she is also choreographing.

Ticket sales have not been great so far but after tonight I predict a surge in bookings.  Well worth seeing.

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