Wednesday, October 6

John Barrowman in Concert DVD - Live at the Royal Albert Hall

John Barrowman’s Concert Tour began a few days ago, and on Monday 4th October he appeared at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

The concert was recorded on DVD which is due for release on 15th November 2010 in both PAL and NTSC formats.

You can pre-order John Barrowman Live at the Royal Albert Hall from Amazon by clicking on the link.


Anonymous said...

I reluctantly went to see John's concert at the Brighton Centre a couple of days ago. I use the word "reluctantly" because I really dislike this venue.

But despite the grubby and scruffy surroundings have to say thoroughly enjoyed the evening. John put on a real star performance and was very entertaining remaining on stage for the duration of the show. His voice was amazing and he is clearly enjoying having Jodie Prenger on tour with him.

Theatre Spy said...

I agree with you about the Brighton Centre.

I was lucky enough to see John Barrowman at the Royal Albert Hall and agree that he really put his all into giving a very entertaining show.

Even though I was there, I'll certainly get the DVD when it's released.

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