Friday, October 22

Jonathan Ansell not heading for West End just yet

It seems that news leaked this morning by the Daily Mail that Jonathan Ansell would be joining the cast of Jersey Boys is a bit premature, as he has tweeted “There is not much to say about Jersey Boys. I am meeting them but nothing is decided yet. Don't know how they found out?”

Let’s hope if this doesn’t work out something else in the West End comes along soon as would be great to see Jonathon appearing on the London stage.


cathyk2002 said...

I agree, it certainly would be great to see Jonathan in the West End.

He has the voice, the looks, the charisma and is certainly on a learning curve with acting just now and succeeding brilliantly at it too !!!! The 'whole package' in fact !!

Any Producer/Director of shows in the West End would be fools to pass him by

Just what some of these shows needs - a breath of fresh air

Jill said...

Jonathan would be perfect for the Jersey Boys.
He has the voice, the looks and has been receiving great reviews for his acting and singing in Whistle Down the Wind and Larkrise to Candleford. Fingers crossed for him. xx

Anonymous said...

Like what Cathy said he got the looks,charisma.
I think he got a wonderful singing voice and got acting behind him as he done tour of Whistle Down the Wind and currently doing tour of Larkrise to Candleford and the casting diector must not let Jonathan slip through his/her fingers

Theatre Spy said...

I couldn't agree more. Let's hope his next move is into the West End, especially with his wife due to give birth next month it would be a lot easier if he was at home and not out on tour.

Carla said...

Jonathan was amazing in Whistle down the Wind... definitely deserves a role in the West End x

Margaret said...

It would be wonderful to see Jonathan in the West End which would definitely benefit from a voice like that.
He'd be terrific in many of the shows currently there but it would also be very interesting to see him in a new production. He could certainly carry it off.

Anonymous said...

This man will definitely put bums on seats! Ignore him at your peril. He is a wonderful singer and since his amazing reviews in Whistle Down the Wind is one to consider for a big West end Role. The fact that he is attractive as well can only enhance his appeal.

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