Friday, October 8

Latest on injured David Birrell in Passion at Donmar

I went to see Passion the musical last night when it re-opened at the Donmar. It really is a great show with some electrifying moments, and a hundred times better in this small intimate space than when it played at the Queen's Theatre in 1996 with Michael Ball and Maria Friedman as the leads.

As expected David Birrell was not on but is recovering well.  Ross Dawes (Spamalot, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Saturday Night Fever, Starlight Express, Evita and Singing in the Rain) who was playing Lieutenant Barri/Fosca's mother took the role of Colonel Ricci.  When it came to the duel scene with David Thaxton much to my relief they used gun sound effects instead of the real thing. 

Also the duel scene picture which was on display has been replaced by one of Giorgio and Fosca.

No news on whether David Birrell is expected to return before Passion ends its run on 27th November, but it's early days yet and will depend on how quickly his eye mends.

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