Tuesday, November 30

Disastrous preview night for Bono's Spider Man Turn off the Dark musical

Bono and the Edge have financed the $65million Broadway musical Spider Man Turn off the Dark which had its first public preview last night at Foxwoods Theatre in New York.

It features a dazzling array of hi-tech gadgetry which was beset by problems when equipment fell from the rafters and actors were left hanging in the air.

The show lasted for three hours and 40 minutes (with an intermission) and featured 27 daredevil flying scenes. Some members of the audience walked out even though some had paid as much as $275 for a ticket.

Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark finally made it to the stage after a year's delay when actors have been injured and costs have spiralled. The goods news is that there are still more than five weeks to sort it out before opening night which was to be January 11th but has now been put back to February 7th.

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