Friday, January 28

Andrew Lloyd Webber talking about The Wizard of Oz on The One Show

Andrew Lloyd Webber has just taken a break from rehearsals of The Wizard of Oz which starts previews on 7th February to appear on BBC’s The One Show.

One of his current hiccoughs is that the Yellow Brick Road which they have put down to run from Oxford Circus up to the London Palladium in Aygyll Street has been declared a health and safety hazard as shoppers may slip on it.  So they are currently testing different surfaces to ensure that it is safe to walk on!

He also let slip that he had dinner with his ex-wife Sarah Brightman and sounded her out to play the good witch Glinda, but she was far too expensive.  Adding that pairing her with Michael Crawford again after they appeared in The Phantom of the Opera together all those years ago might look a bit unoriginal.

He and Tim Rice have written an opening number for the show as well as songs for the two witches and The Wizard and Professor Marvel (both played by Crawford) as none of them had anything to sing.

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