Friday, February 11

Denise Van Outen pulls out of Channel Five's new OK! TV show

Legally Blonde’s Denise Van Outen has pulled out of Channel 5’s new OK! TV show less than three days before it goes live on air.

A spokesperson for her released a statement earlier today stating that she would not be fronting the prime-time show and blamed a busy schedule. Denise’s representative said: “Due to other contractual commitments, Denise Van Outen will not be presenting OK! TV. Both parties wish each other the very best."

Denise has been battling cold after cold since Christmas and with her baby daughter Betsy still less than a year old she was certainly setting herself a punishing schedule.

Legally Blonde was expecting her to do the TV show and had lined up her understudy Sorelle Marsh to play the part of Paulette at Thursday matinees.  

The show is replacing the canned Live From Studio Five Show and launches on Monday night at 6.30pm.  Kate Walsh has stepped in at the last minute and will join Matt Johnson on the show next week.

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