Tuesday, February 8

Michael Crawford & Hannah Waddingham are The Wizard of Oz stars

With the first preview just over it is far too early (or unfair) to give any kind of review on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Wizard of Oz, but having been there last night what I will say is that I think the Lord has a huge hit on his hands with this one.

The design and special effects were spectacular and in surprisingly good shape for the first preview.  I am sure by the opening night ALW will have tweaked it all to perfection.

For me the stars of last night’s show were Michael Crawford and Hannah Waddingham.  The larger than life Miss Waddingham has a real belting voice and played the Wicked Witch of the West as a really "gutsy" lady. And the new “witches song” is simply fabulous.  Crawford brought some amazing warmth and charm to the part of the Wizard.  He still has amazing stage presence and to my mind is perfect casting for the role.

Can’t wait to see the show again when it opens on 1st March

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