Wednesday, March 23

Another Arachne injury in Spider Man Musical

Another cast member has been hurt in the new musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. T.V. Carpio (pictured), who plays Spidey’s nemesis Arachne has been hurt during an onstage battle scene with a fellow actor. She is off for the next two weeks on doctor’s orders with America Olivo taking her place.

Her predecessor, Natalie Mendoza, suffered a concussion during the production’s first preview last November when she was hit by a rope backstage. Carpio and Olivo subsequently shared Arachne until early January, when Mendoza quit and Carpio was given the part.

Budgeted at $65 million  the ill-fated show is the most expensive production in Broadway history and is currently being heavily tweaked by a new director with a short closure planned as it aims for an official opening in June following what will have been more than six months of previews.

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