Sunday, March 13

Barbra Streisand's Gypsy Rose Lee cancelled

Last month I wrote about Barbra Streisand appearing in a new film version of the musical Gypsy.

But it now looks as if it isn’t going to happen and it’s nothing to do with Miss Streisand.  Arthur Laurents who write the book has said "But now the film version is not going to happen for a really fascinating reason, much bigger than Gypsy” saying “What is the point of it? They have this terrible version with Rosalind Russell wearing those black and white shoes. You want a record because the theater is ephemeral. But that's wrong. The theater's greatest essence is that it is ephemeral. You don't need a record. The fact that it's ephemeral means you can have different productions, different Roses on into infinity. So I don't want it now. I don't want a definitive record. I want it to stay alive .I think Barbra Streisand is disappointed. She wanted very much to do it. That would have been a good exit for her career. Tom Hopper ("The King's Speech") wanted to direct it. I think he's wonderful."

It would be the third film of Gypsy having first been made in 1962 (starring Rosalind Russell) and then again in 1993 for television (starring Bette Midler).

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