Wednesday, March 16

Betty Blue Eyes soon to be revealed

With Cameron Mackintosh’s new musical Betty Blue Eyes due to start previews at the Novello Theatre this Saturday 19th March photographers have yet to “bring home the bacon” (sic) and get an exclusive snap of the pig the musical is named after.

Betty Blue Eyes was created by the Melbourne-based animatronics studio Creature Technology Company who created the stars of Walking With Dinosaurs and are currently building an ape for a Broadway production of King Kong.

There is no doubt that she exists as Cameron Mackintosh says: “She steals every scene. Someone said she’s like a real pig, but with fairy dust sprinkled all over her. Part of you knows she’s not real, yet she’s so lifelike. She’s the most expensive leading lady I’ve ever had and she's worth every penny.”

But it's got to be easier than working with a real pig like they did in the film ...?

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