Sunday, March 27

EastEnder Samantha Womack confirms South Pacific role

According to the Mirror newspaper, Samantha Womack told them at the Nintendo 3DS party a ew days ago that she wants to leave EastEnders quietly saying “I think I just want to creep out at the EastEnders’ leaving party, I don’t want a big deal. I will be saying goodbye to a lot of very close friends. I’ll be telling them that I love them all dearly. I’ll definitely miss Rita Simons the most. Then I’ll be going into South Pacific playing Nellie Forbush and rehearsals start soon. I need to stop eating and get my a** into shape. My trick at the minute is to wear padded pointy shoulders as it cancels the rest of your body out.  I can’t wait to get my dancing shoes on as it’s five years since I was last on stage in Guys and Dolls

Womack is currently playing Ronnie Branning in an emotional and controversial baby swap storyline. She is certainly moving on to lighter and happier times by joining  the tour of South Pacific which has some classic numbers including Some Enchanted Evening, I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair and There is Nothin' Like a Dame.

South Pacific opens at the Barbican Theatre in London in August and is currently touring until 3rd December. 

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