Wednesday, March 2

Marti Pellow takes murder lessons to play Jekyll & Hyde

The musical Jekyll & Hyde starring Marti Pellow is currently touring the UK, playing at the New Wimbledon Theatre this week.

Marti Pellow is taking playing Dr Jekyll’s violent and sadistic alter ego Edward Hyde very seriously and has learned how to break a man’s neck as part of his gruesome role. He was determined to make the twisted killer as realistic as possible so took lessons in various murder methods.

Pellow said: “There is a great sensuality to Mr Hyde. He kills with great panache. The stunt arranger, Terry,  who worked on all the Bond movies, showed me the correct way to kill somebody by snapping their neck cleanly and there was a lot of bludgeoning. It’s all about learning new skills so now I know exactly how to bludgeon you to death. I said to him "Terry, how do you sleep at night?"

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