Tuesday, March 8

Sophie Evans opens as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz tonight

Over The Rainbow finalist Sophie Evans begins performing in The Wizard of Oz as Dorothy every Tuesday evening from tonight.  She is also covering for Danielle Hope’s holidays.

Although you might not recognise her as she has to hide her vibrant red hair under a wig when she dons her ruby slippers at the London Palladium. Sophie revealed that her tresses will be dark and in pigtails for the show, like Judy Garland’s were in the 1939 movie.

She said: “They like the Dorothy look to be a certain way. And it does look lovely. I think a lot of people will have to take a second look because I look so different. They are all used to seeing me with red hair.”

Sophie comes from Tonypandy in Wales and 80 family and friends are attending the show in London tonight.
Sophie is currently studying performing arts at the Arts Educational in London where her £13,000 fees were paid for by Lord Lloyd-Webber.

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