Wednesday, March 9

Spider Man musical opening delayed yet again

With less than 7 days until the opening of the musical  Spider Man Turn Off the Dark on 15th March, according to the New York Times the show is to shut down for 2-3 weeks to give the cast a break and hold rehearsals for more substantial changes.

The production is now expected to delay its scheduled opening again, this time for about three months which would take it into June and therefore make it ineligible for a Tony Award.

It has also been reported discussions and negotiations are under way for director and co-writer Julie Taymor to either “work with a newly expanded creative team to fix the critically derided $65 million musical or to possibly leave the show.” The producers have insisted that the talks are private, but they do admit that for the first time Bono himself is directly involved in the negotiations and “they were not sure if Ms. Taymor would stay or go as director and that the names of multiple directors, choreographers and playwrights have been ricocheting around the Broadway community for days now. It was not clear who would be hired.”

The cast has been told to expect an announcement later today.

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