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Friday, April 1

Nicole Scherzinger singing Love Never Dies

If you didn’t listen to the Chris Evans Breakfast Show on BBC Radio2 this morning when his guest was Andrew Lloyd Webber, then make sure you catch it later when it's available on the BBC website as there is a real treat in store with a world exclusive of a recording of the theme tune from Love Never Dies ALW made with Nicole Scherzinger over a year ago.

It’s fabulous and really showcases her voice. Hopefully she will release it on an album one day.

Hear  it on YouTube


Anonymous said...

"The lord" may rate her... But personally I thought it was godawful.

Theatre Spy said...

We'll differ on this one - I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Been to the show - got the LP but ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS - I want it now 'Please RELEASE IT' even if only as a download.

Theatre Spy said...

I'll say it again - I LOVE IT TOO!

roxana said...

pff im a pussycat dolls fan but im also a sierra boggess fan and LND fan sooo i dont know what 2 say lol nicole was good argh im so confused lol pff its a great pop ballad version but still i love sierra

Theatre Spy said...

I like them both too and think both renditions of the song are very different and done in their own special way. Will post news of when Nicole's CD/download is available as soon as I get more info.

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