Sunday, April 3

Oliver! to Tour in December

The musical Oliver! closed in January this year at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane to make way for Shrek! the Musical. But the goods news is that it now looks certain to be going on tour at the end of this year. 

Details are very limited at the moment as the only information I have is regarding casting breakdowns which have been sent out for auditions in May and June with rehearsals starting  in October.

Oliver! is scheduled to open in Cardiff in December 2011 and then visit the following venues: Manchester: January – March 2012, Birmingham: March – April 2012, Southampton: April – May 2012, Edinburgh: May – June 2012, Norwich: July 2012Plymouth: August – September 2012, Newcastle: September – October 2012, Leeds: November – December 2012, Dublin: December 2012 – January 2013 and Bristol: January – February 2013.

More news to follow.


Anonymous said...

Have you been sent any adult breakdowns or just children's ones?

Theatre Spy said...

Only have chldren's breakdown so far. Will keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

has oliver and dodger been cast yet

Theatre Spy said...

The casting breakdowns were sent out at the end March so suspect everything must be well under way (if not complete) for Oliver, Dodger and the gang. Will post more information as soon as it becomes available. Suspect the next announcement will be who is playing Nancy and Bill Sikes.

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