Thursday, May 26

Barbra Streisand back in the frame to play Mama Rose in Gypsy film

Barbra Streisand may still play Mama Rose in a new Gypsy movie despite author Arthur Laurents deciding not to go ahead with the idea because he didn't think another movie version was necessary.

Laurents passed away aged 93 on 5th May and apparently in the month before his death had second thoughts and gave his blessing to the film. This would be the third film of Gypsy. The first being made in 1962 (starring Rosalind Russell) and then again in 1993 for television (starring Bette Midler). 

The New York Times is reporting that the film’s producer Joel Silver "is now concluding a deal with Ms. Streisand to star as Mama Rose; it would be her first on-screen singing-starring role since "Yentl" in 1983."

The Hollywood producer  is developing the film based on the 1959 Broadway musical and has made a deal with Universal Pictures to finance the picture.  (Laurents' agent has confirmed that he signed the project off before his death).

A director, screenwriter and actors for the other lead roles of Herbie and Louise still need to be chosen, but Silver said he was hopeful that production could begin next spring.

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music citizens said...

Most of the time I just sit there and think to myself how much better this play would be if it were turned into a musical.  With a musical, you know there will be campy dance breaks and impressive vocal numbers.

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