Saturday, May 7

Full cast breakdown for Shrek the Musical

The new musical Shrek starring Nigel Lindsay (Shrek), Richard Blackwood (Donkey), Nigel Harman (Lord Farquaad) and Amanda Holden as Princess Fiona had its first preview at Drury Lane last night.  There are quite a few more as the show does not have its opening night until 14th June.

The full cast breakdown is now available and joining the main characters above are Landi Oshinowo (Dragon, Humpty Dumpty), Jonathan Stewart (Pinocchio, Dragon Puppeteer), Jon Scott Clark (Peter Pan, Dragon Puppeteer), Lucy Tapp (Queen Lillian, Wicked Witch), Karli Vale (Fairy Godmother, Bluebird), Alice Fearn (Sugar Plum Fairy, Gingy), Bradley Jaden (Papa Bear), Emma Lindars (Mama Ogre, Mama Bear) and Delroy Artkinson (White Rabbit, Bishop) with  Michelle Francis (Tweedle Dee, Blind Mouse), Amy Beadel (Tweedle Dum, Teen Fiona), Dean Chisnall (Papa Ogre, Pig, Theloni, Knight), Ste Clough (Guard, Dragon Puppeteer), Ross Dawes (King Harold Wolf, Captain of the Guard, Pied Piper, Knight), Lucie Downer (Baby Bear, Blind Mouse), Ashley E Hale (Ugly Duckling, Blind Mouse), Aaron Lee Lambert (Pig, Knight), Stuart Matthew Price (Pig, Walter, Knight), Damien Poole (Mad Hatter, Dragon Puppeteer), Samantha Allison/Chorlene Biron-Monnier/Lauren Dawes /Madeleine Hill/Emilia Jones/Sophie Whyte (Young Fiona, Young Shrek, Dwarf), Stephanie Bron/Rosanna Hyland/Leigh-Anne Stone (Swing), Spencer O’Brien/Michael Watson/Lee William-Davis (Swing), Grant Murphy (Swing, Dance Captain) and Jacqui Sanchez (Swing, Puppet Captain)

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