Thursday, June 16

Hugh Jackman to play Jean Valjean in LesMis movie?

According to Variety and a number of other Hollywood sources, Hugh Jackman is currently in talks for the lead role of Jean Valjean  in the "Les Miserables" movie which Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech) is directing for Universal.

Valjean’s tenor score matches Jackman's natural vocal range, and having seen him in Oklahoma! at the National and The Boy From Oz on Broadway he can certainly sing and has the physical presence and strength required to play the part. In the Victor Hugo tome JVJ is described as “a bear of a man”.

Also since Fox's "The Wolverine" was pushed back after losing director Darren Aronofsky, Jackman has been looking for his next big project .

It’s certainly an exciting prospect ...


Anonymous said...

It's is actually a very exciting prospect...I'm French, I saw "The Miz" in English on stage last year in Paris. Mr Jackman is a very talented theater man, he has a beautiful voice (his Curly and his Peter Allen were terrific !!) and last but not the least he is a bankable movie actor. He'll be in the movie, I'm sure.

Theatre Spy said...

Let's hope so. I am longing to see him do some musical theatre again and he would be perfect for the role of Valjean.

LittleMissOpinion said...

No way Hugh Jackman, I like him as an actor but is he REALLY credible enough to play such a complex and challenging role? I would have to say not. I think it is a travesty that Alfie boe has not been signed up for the part. Les Miz the movie is just going to turn into some airy fairy Hollywood fluff story. It needs to be gritty and no hollywood teeth whitened, tanned, quiffed to perfection starlets. Alfie Boe is credible not only with his INCREDIBLE voice but also as Jean Valjean, after playing the 25th anniversary, he truly made the part his own. He has the sincere, caring, generous but also hard and down trodden, self pitying Valjean to a T!!!!

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