Wednesday, June 29

Marti Pellow breaks his nose during Jekyll & Hyde performance

Marti Pellow is currently on tour playing the title role in the musical Jekyll & Hyde.

He was appearing at Milton Keynes Theatre last night and was approaching the final scene when one of the dancers accidentally hit his nose with her arm which caused it to bleed.   It was thought his nose was broken and the curtain was brought down and an announcement was made saying what had happened and that Pellow was on his way to A & E. Luckily it has since been confirmed that it's a bruised cartilage and not a break.

The show did go on with the understudy doing the final transformation.  Hopefully Marti will feel well enough to appear tonight, although don’t know if or how the transformation will work with his already damaged face.

UPDATE 30th June: Milton Keynes Theatre have announced  that Marti  will be out of action until the weekend at the earliest when the show hits Cardiff.

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