Thursday, June 30

Phantom of the Opera Tour Announced

The Phantom Of The Opera will embark on a UK Tour next year opening at the Theatre Royal  Plymouth on 13th March 2012 where it will run for five weeks.  It will then go on a tour around the country playing at most major venues for 5 weeks at a time.

More news to follow soon.


Anonymous said...

Do you know any more yet? Thanks for the info!

Theatre Spy said...

Nothing at the moment. Suspect a lot of energy is currently going into sorting out the 25th Anniversary Concert!

Will post a blog as soon as I hear anything more, which will hopefully be in the next month or so.

Anonymous said...

Still no news on this?? I would have thought it would need to go on sale round about now?

Theatre Spy said...

The only information I have is that it is due to open in Plymouth in March 2012. I suspect all info is being witheld by the producers to coincide with the 25th Anniversary Concert next month.

They are probably not too worried about losing ticket sales by opening booking a bit later than usual as the show should sell on its name alone. Not a strategy I support I hasten to add!

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