Friday, July 22

Hugh Jackman London Concerts

As already reported, the divine Hugh Jackman is playing Jean Valjean in the movie version of Les Miserables which is being directed by Oscar Winning the King’s Speech Tom Hooper. 

Shooting will begin next February and Jackman is planning to do a series of Sunday night concerts in London during breaks from filming in the Spring.

He has just finished his fabulous In Concert show in Toronto when he was accompanied by two Broadway performers and a 17-piece orchestra.  I have seen Jackman perform several times and he is a real showman giving a great performance singing classic numbers from Oklahoma! (which he starred in as Curly at the National), Carousel, Over the Rainbow, Dreamgirls and the Peter Allen catalogue (he starred in the Boy from Oz on Broadway).

Hugh also hopes to perform his concert show on Broadway in October next year.

News to follow on the London events.

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