Thursday, August 4

Julian Ovenden pulls out of Death Takes a Holiday

Julian Ovenden created the title character in the Off Broadway premiere of the musical Death Takes a Holiday, but he has had to withdraw from the production due to a throat problem which has prevented him from appearing in more than a dozen performances - including the opening night.

Roundabout Theatre Company announced "Due to Julian's indisposition he is regrettably unable to continue in the production." Understudy Kevin Earley will continue to perform the role for the remainder of the run to 4th September.

Earley has been performing the role since July 19 with the initial reason for Ovenden's absence being laryngitis. Ovenden attempted to return on August 2nd but Earley had to step in as he could not get beyond the opening moments of the show.

I am a great admirer of Ovenden's work so hope that the problem is not serious and gets sorted soon.

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