Tuesday, August 30

Matt Lucas off to Los Angeles

As previously reported, Matt Lucas leaves Les Miserables on 10th September to pursue other projects. He is pictured here playing the innkeeper Thenardier.

And it seems these "other projects"  are not in the UK,  as he revealed to Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders on their Radio 2 show over the weekend that he is moving to America in an attempt to find success there.  It is understood he has been house-hunting in Los Angeles saying “I'll split my time and still keep a very small place here. I'll still be walking my dog in Hyde Park.” He has also tweeted that he still plans to spend at least four months in the UK every year adding "It's nowt to do with tax or even work. It's partly because the winter weather plays havoc with my asthma".

Earlier this year his Little Britain comedy partner David Walliams said the pair were splitting up after two decades of performing together saying: “We will re-group at some point.”

It is believed he wants to work on more films in the USA.

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