Tuesday, September 13

Hadley Fraser to play Raoul in Phantom 25th Anniversary Concert

He is currently playing Javert in Les Miserables at the Queen's Theatre, and now according to the Amazon track listing for the DVD,  Hadley Fraser is due to play Raoul in the Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Concerts at the beginning of next month.

Fraser  made his West End debut as Marius and played Grantaire in the 25th Anniversary concert of Les Misérables at the 02 Arena last October. He is currently writing music in a band called "Sheytoons" which he has formed with Ramin Karimloo.

Other casting for the POTO concerts incudes:  Phantom - Ramin Karimoo/Christine - Sierra Boggess/Raoul - Hadley Fraser/Madame Giry - Liz Robertson/Monsieur Firmin - Barry James/Monsieur André - Gareth Snook/Piangi - Wynne Evans and  Kiera Duffy as Carlotta.

Don Atillo - Stephen John Davis/Soldier/fireman - Simon Bailey/ girl in sitzprobe/Katy Treharne - role in Hannibal/Celia Graham plus Sofia Escobar, Richard Tyler, Tabitha Webb and Robyn North.

Full cast list to follow shortly.

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