Monday, September 26

Latest on Spice Girls’ Musical Viva Forever

Producer Judy Craymer has revealed that the storyline for the Spice Girls’ musical focuses on wanting to be famous, adoption and the perils of reality shows like X Factor.

Viva Forever is due to open in the West End next year and has been written by Jennifer Saunders. It will feature two generations of women and a set of reality show judges.  The story isn’t biographical but it will make reference to Geri Halliwell leaving the band.

Craymer says: “The Spice Girls managed to make it before the world was obsessed with reality TV so it’s set in the modern day, which is dominated by people wanting to be famous. It centres on whether they would have made it in the generation of reality TV as they were all individuals and each had their own strong personality. The answer is that you should just be yourself. It will be about the themes that made them famous, like having a sense of self and friendship. It will show one of them leaving and what happens to that dynamic.”

The show features 18 Spice Girls songs with Judy adding: “There will be cynics but it’s exciting to target a whole new generation. Everyone’s got a bit of Spice in them and can identify with one of them.”

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