Saturday, November 26

David Essex misses All the Fun of the Fair performance

Singer David Essex had to pull out of a performance at the Theatre Royal Bath last night after developing a viral infection. It is believed this is only the first or second time he has missed a performance or gig in his 40-year career. Essex saw a doctor and was advised to rest his voice.

His lead part of Levi Lee in All the Fun of the Fair was performed by understudy David Burrows. The production’s general manager said that he Essex had been struggling to give of his best and did not want to let fans down. “He’s a professional and he always wants to give 110% and his voice was not allowing him to sing to his full potential. He’s always very mindful that he doesn’t want to disappoint fans.

The stint in Bath ends today with matinee and evening performances and hopefully Essex will be well enough to perform at least one of the shows. The tour opens at Cardiff’s New Theatre on Monday.

Update Sunday 27th November:  David managed to perform at the evening show of All The Fun of the Fair last night so hopefully is now on the road to recovery.


Helen Richardson said...

I was absolutely gutted yesterday afternoon. I had saved up to see David Essex. The show didn't work without him. It was based on his songs. I didn't pay to hear someone else singing. I was horrified that we received no compensation or apology. The show was second rate without David Essex. The plot was weak & there was no atmosphere in the Theatre as we were all totally gutted. I know this is not David Essex's fault - but feel let down by The Theatre Royal & overwhelmingly disappointed.

Theatre Spy said...

Hi Helen,

What a miserable afternoon! I haven't seen the tour but saw the show at the Garrick and agree that it does all revolve around David Essex. Probably of no consolation to you at all but he did manage to get back for the evening show at Bath.

But if it helps I worked with him years ago and he really must have been poorly to miss those shows as he's no shirker and hates letting people down.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Helen- equally gutted. After enquiring we were offered 2for 1 in Cardiff on mon/tues- not really good enough - would have been better to have been offered tickets for Swindon next year.

Anonymous said...

I agree if you went to see David Essex it is a huge disappointment if he was too ill to perform. I was at the Thursday matinee at Bath and I could tell he was unwell even if he had not said so at the end. I wondered at the time if he would be well enough to go on that evening. I thought about it and I actually think that with the right actor as a musical with what I think is a strong story line the musical can stand on its own. I have seen musicals with weaker story lines and not so good music. I understand that a lot of people went to see David Essex as I did and I would have been hugely disappointed if he had not been there, but do not judge the musical on the absence of the main character as I think David Essex has created a lovely musical which is brilliant with him in it but is good enough to stand on its own. I hope he is better now.

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