Tuesday, November 22

Matthew Cammelle taking over lead in South Pacific Tour

West End leading man Matthew Cammelle is to play Emile De Becque in the tour of South Pacific next year.He has a long list of credits to his name and had played both the Phantom and  Raoul in The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre in  London's West End and on the UK Tour.

He was also  invited to perform in The Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary at the Royal Albert Hall and is part of a The Three Phantoms  with John Owen Jones and Earl Carpenter

Matthew will join the cast as French plantation owner Emile De Becque when it opens at the Southampton Mayflower on 17th January after Paulo Szot (who opened the show with at the Barbican) has reprised the role at Oxford from 21st-31st December. He will be joined by Samantha Womack as Nellie Forbush, Daniel Koek as Lt Cable, Loretta Ables Sayre as Bloody Mary and Alex Ferns as Luther Billis.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Mathew in South Pacific at the Liverpool Empire on Saturday matinee 3rd March 2012 I recently expressed my pleasure at this wonderful show when I accepted an invitation to review it on Ticketmaster. I commented on his wonderful singing, paticularly This Nearly Was Mine. I also passed this on to Donald Koek and Alex Fern who I met, briefly, between performances. Unfortunately I credited this great performance to the previous lead in my review. Apologies.
"78 outside 94 inside"

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