Wednesday, December 28

Latest on Sir Tim Rice’s From here To Eternity Musical

As previously blogged, Sir Tim Rice plans to bring the 1951 James Jones novel “From Here to Eternity” to the London stage. He has acquired full rights to produce the story and already has a score based on the film and book written by Stuart Brazen.

Rice said “I've got a director; I've got a book writer; and, I found myself becoming the producer - it took me quite a while to get the rights. We still need some new songs, and Stuart wants me to do the lyrics, so I've already done one new song with him and we've got a few more in the works. I hope to get From Here To Eternity off the ground next year."

It has now been reported that Sir Tim Rice hopes to raise the necessary cash from small investors saying “There are lots of people who are willing to put up £10,000 to get the ball rolling. We’ll need about £5million and if it is any good, by opening night it should be paying for itself. I wouldn’t put my own money in as that would make it harder to tell if the show is any good or not. It clouds the judgment.”

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